Art, like the kebab, is our specialty … it is both a love story … We are in love, that is why we are different …

Dear guests;


irstly, I would like to express our endless thanks for having chosen Tekince Kebap family and I want to share with you the success of this taste trip which we began in 2011 with an anecdote of the past.

In the year of 1976, I was 5-years-old and living in my hometown of Konya Çeltik. As she was used to do it nearly each evening for my late grandfather, my late grandmother cooked Kuymak (prepared from butter, wheat and cheese) and smelled very good like always… Of course, my grandfather used to never eat this dish without me. Because he knew that I liked it so much. One day, I craved once again Kuymak and this time I ran towards my mother. I told her « Mom, can you cook Kuymak for me like grandma is doing ? ». At that moment, my mother was cleaning dishes and I suddenly received a plate on my head ! She said, « Go away, no Kuymak as I am too much busy ». Despite this, with maternal instincts, she went to prepare it. Simultaneously, I was crying and eating Kuymak. But something was strange. The dish was not as tasty as like my grandmother’s one. I turned to my mother and asked her « Why isn’t like my grandmother’s one ? ». And I received once again a plate on my head before running towards my grandmother with that pain.

My grandmother asked me “What happened little boy?”. I explained her all and I asked her too “Why isn’t as tasty as yours ?”. She replied “ My son, actually it’s same, wheat is same, butter is same, cheese is same because it’s me who give them all.

So, what it was lacking ?

My grandmother caressed my head and said, « Look little boy, your mother didn’t add her essence, that’s why you didn’t feel the taste ».

The time passed and I was able to understand that « essence » was love, heart and devotion.

Indeed, dear guests and friends, I listened to my grandmother’s advice and I added only « my essence » to this taste. Each dish cooked with love is really delicious.

And this is our only difference…

I would like to express my endless thanks to all of you on behalf of my team who contributed. Enjoy it…

Tekin KEÇE


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